For years people have asked "What does Blueground mean?"  The answer is this:  Blueground is a name that I stumbled upon almost two decades ago while thumbing through a Gemological Institute of America training manual on diamond grading.  The word "Blueground" is technically two words, "blue ground" (click on that for a quick definition).   The original logo, which is still proudly illuminated in neon above our retail location, looks like this:  

Bluegroud logo.jpg

Notice there aren't any diamonds.  As I look back on those early days, I think I was bashful, almost fearful of being too literal by displaying diamonds throughout the logo.  I was more enamored with the sound of the name than its meaning.  Fast forward to 2015 and the revamped logo (see the top of this screen and the shortened "Bg" version beneath it) and you can see the diamond prominently displayed.  This time, backed by experience, the logo signifies the true definition of the name and reflects the pride Blueground has in the significance of that heritage.  It is a great honor to know that so many of you have entrusted us with facilitating the selection and creation of your most sentimentally valued treasures, big or small.  It is an honor we will never take lightly.


-Mark Nimeh 

December, 2015