Blueground is a full service jewelry shop specializing in custom design as well as offering a full range of repairs including ring sizing, soldering, and stone replacement.  We also happily replace watch batteries and watch bands.


Ring Sizing - all metals, old or new... If it used to, but now doesn't, we'll make it fit.

Stone Replacement - all stones, all qualities, at a fair market price. Empty spaces are easily filled.

Restringing - restore the family strand of pearls or the beaded masterpiece that your daughter bought you at a local craft show.

Soldering - a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link... bring it, we'll solder it.

Welding - sometimes a piece requires a slightly more delicate touch than solder.  We have the technology.

Batteries- We replace almost all of them.  If we can't, then shame on us. 

Watch Bands - A decent selection of basics is always stocked with hundreds of others available to order.

Appraisals - Insurance appraisals done quickly and accurately.  On the spot, quick valuations as well.

The "I don't think it's worth anything, I've had it in my drawer for years, I love it, it broke, but I'm embarrassed to have it looked at because I know I should throw it out piece" - Bring it.  We'll help you make the decision.